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Brodus Clay
Thread by Power Struggle

Date added: 22nd November 2012
Viewed: 4481 times
Rating: 7.0/10 (7 votes)

Singlet: 91/53/142
Singlet design 1: 0/255/0
Singlet design 2: 0/255/255
Arm sleeve: 0/255/255
Arm sleeve dsign: 0/255/0
Elbow pad: 15/139/192 (he doesnt have one for green so this is meant to look like skin)
Elbow pad design: 0/255/15 (the lines to be like tattoos)
Wrist tape: 0/255/240
Finger tape: 0/255/255
Kneepads: default
Boots 1 and 2: default
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