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Damien Sandow
CAW by beatlemania159

Date added: 12th January 2013
Viewed: 12246 times
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Temp: 1
Hair: 32 (83,-100,-44)
Head: 20,20,0

**Face Morphing**
Brows: -86,-89,41,10
Eyes : 0,-5,-7,-8,-11,-5,-10
Nose: 0,-8,0,10,35,0,0,-25
Cheeks: Default
Mouth: 0,-10,17,0,0,0,-34
Jaw: 0,0,0,-5,0,0
Texture & Color: 4(89,-3,-2)
Facial Hair Temp: 18(90,-100,-30)
Facial Hair Sideburns: 3(90,-100,-25)

Height: 6'4"
Size: 4

Trunks/Underwear: 4(-70,-25,0)
Knee Pads: 5(-56,-31,-25)
Elbow Pads: 1(-13,-100,-65)
Arm/Wrists: 1(-13,-100,0)
Boots/Shoes: 2(-13,-100,0)

Crowd Signs: Your Choice

Name: Damien Sandow
Entrance Name: Damien Sandow
Abbreviated Name: Damien Sandow
Ring Announcer Name: Savior, F, The, Masters (Savior of The Masses)
Commentary: Savior
Hometown: California
Weight: 247lbs.
Crowd Reaction: Boo
Show: Smackdown

Music: Hunter Hearst Helmsley
Motion: Hunter Hearst Helmsley
Movie: WWE Logo
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