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WWE '13 Cafs

Name ↓ Creator Added ↓ Rating ↓ Vid
DDP Swinging Neckbreaker [RG] Rein Engel 20th Jan 13
Frostbite DJ Deadman 20th Jan 13
Ghetto Blaster AY 20th Jan 13
Shell Shock Wade Barrett 20th Jan 13
Goldberg Bull Hammer wwefan1234 20th Jan 13
Diving Clothesline DJ Deadman 12th Jan 13
True Consequence UnicornP3 12th Jan 13
Crusading Kick UnicornP3 12th Jan 13
turnbuckle kick wweshowoff 12th Jan 13
Brock Lesnar Triple German Suplex c_man5 12th Jan 13
Brain Damage lotodabest 12th Jan 13
Matt master assassin 12th Jan 13
Magic Missile AY 12th Jan 13
Spinning Dead Cheeseburger-80 12th Jan 13
Big E Langston Finisher hdcawreater 27th Dec 12
Dirty Pedigree ry1116 22nd Dec 12
Dead End ry1116 22nd Dec 12
Blind Sides ry1116 22nd Dec 12
Jackknife ry1116 22nd Dec 12
DX Pedigree ry1116 22nd Dec 12
Peter Griffin nobody 22nd Dec 12
Eternal Rest RKOME123 22nd Dec 12
720 DDT Jax Blake 22nd Dec 12
Devil's Whisper Jax Blake 22nd Dec 12
Back Fire Jax Blake 22nd Dec 12
Ace Crusher Johnny Ace 22nd Dec 12
Pepsi Plunge ThisFool 11th Dec 12 8/10
Multi Killer Superstar Games 11th Dec 12 9.2/10
Shell Shocked ShahIbrahim786 11th Dec 12 7.4/10
The End RKOME123 3rd Dec 12 8/10
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