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Zack Ryder
Thread by matheustaker

Date added: 19th July 2012
Elboow Pads: x:0 y:255 shade:21
Wrist Tape: x:26 y:225 shade:210
Trunks: x:0 y:255 shade:29
Trunks Design 1: X:192 y:52 shade:154
Trunks Design 2: x:0 y:77 shade: 155
Trunks Design 3: x:0 y:255 shade: 0
Knee Pads: x:0 y:255 shade:29
Knee Pads Design 1: x:202 y:52 shade:134
Knee Pads Design 2: x:0 y:77 shade:255
Knee Pads Design 3: x:0 y:255 shade:0
Boots: x:0 y:255 shade:10
Soles: x:0 y:255 shade:10
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