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Troy Marley
CAW by Loccdogg0213

Date added: 25th August 2012
Ring Attire:

Templates: face 12

Hair: 53/82, color(s): 0,255,0, length: 100

Facial Hair: combinations, 1/25, color(s): 0,255,0

Height: 6'6", Weight: 250

Wrestling Tights: 3/16, both bides: 0,255,0, logos: flags: 14/44 *on both sides*

Socks: *you can use if you like*

Boots & Shoes: 1/46, color(s): 85,0,255

Elbow Pads: both elbows: 1/10 *use the second look* colors(s): 0,255,0, logos: flags: 14/44 *on both sides*

Entrance Attire:

*Just copy from the Ring Attire*

Jackets: 5/41, 1st color: 0,255,0 2nd color: 85,0,255, logos: flags: 14,44 *this goes on the back make it as big as you can* logos: lettering: then type one *in all caps and stretch it out and make it big a little bit and put it on the right side*, color(s): 42,0,255 logos: lettering: then type love *in all caps and stretch it out and make it big a little bit and put it on the left side*, color(s): 42,0,255

Cinematic Attire:

*Just copy from the Entrance Attire*

Crowd Signs:

#1: Kofi Kingston's red, yellow, and green sign *In replacement for the Rastafarian Flag or you can create the flag.*

#2: Jamaican Flag *This must be create first.*

#3: Kofi Kingston's Boom Boom Boom sign

#4: Evan Bourne's Bourne to fly sign

Menu Screen Pose:



#1: Springboard Dives

#2: Resiliency

#3: Comeback

#4: Outside Dives

#5: Move Thief



Name: Troy Marley

Entrance Name: Troy Marley

Abbreviated Name: Troy Marley

Ring Announcer Name: Troy Marty *I chose Marty because it sounds like Marley*

Commentary Name: Dregs

Hometown: The Caribbean *Since he is from Jamaica*

Crowd Reaction: Cheer

Show: Free Agent

Thats it you have made Troy Marley!!!!!!
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