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Jeff Hardy
CAW by GTSharma

Date added: 14th July 2012
Template 1


Texture and Color: 8, 3rd Skin from the top, Shine: -29

Age: 0

Hair: 49, 1st Color: 31,162,150, 2nd Color: 0,255,0, 3rd

Color: 31,162,150, 4th Color: 0,255,0

Length: 100

Eyes Type: 1, 114,197,130

Eyelashes: Default

Eyebrows: 17, 15,138,102


Head: 12,9,11

Cranium: 0,-71,-32,0

Eyebrows: -96,-22,93,100

Eyes: 40,-59,-21,-68,-34,-30,-30

Nose: 0,-36,-36,20,-89,30,-16,20

Cheeks: 0,-45,-40,28

Mouth: 10,-23,-49,-72,80,7,-28

Jaw: -66,-73,20,10,-13,-100

Ears: 21,-33,17,-39


Combinations: 25/25, 15,139,94

Goatee: 24/24, 20,148,69


Height: 6 Feet 5 Inches, 242 Pounds

Size: 9


Neck: 0,-10,-10

Chest: 0,0,0,0

Traps: -10,0,0

Shoulders: -30,-10,-30

Abdomen: 0,15,0

Waist: 20,0

Arms: Arms: 0

Arms: Biceps: -5,-15

Arms: Forearms: -5,-15

Hands: 0,0,0

Legs: Legs: 0

Legs: Thighs: 0,0

Legs: Calves: 0,0

Feet: 0,0,0



Bottoms: 28/48: (Make them Red for now so you will be able to see where you put your logos)


Put two 111 rectangles in between Jeff's pants (You can see it in the picture where you can see the front.)

Put a 111 rectangle going down from top to bottom, (You can see it where you can see the side of Jeff's pants.)

Then make a mini square with the 111 rectangles but when you make the top side of the square don't completely make it a square. In the picture where you see the side of Jeff, you can see that the box isn't completed. Do the same exact thing with both sides.

Make two boxes out of the 111 rectangles on both side of Jeff's pants on the back. (You can see it in the picture)
Try to make both boxes equal.

Now for the Paint Tool. It's really easy. Go to paint tool and make the background grey. Then get design # 13 and put it in the middle. Make it small just like the picture and then duplicate it. Then rotate it and you're done.

Add the paint tool logos to fill the empty boxes, you can see them in the pictures.


5/46: 1st Color: 0,255,255, 2nd Color: 0,255,0


You don't need to add it because the top you are going to put on Jeff won't let it see it. But you can if you want:

8/28: 1st Color: 0,255,0, 2nd Color: 0,255,255


Tops: 48/48: 1st Color: 0,255,0, 2nd Color: 0,255,255

Hands: 19/32: 0,255,255

Menu Screen Pose: 18/21


Resiliency, Outside Dives, Springboard Dives, Leverage Pin, Comeback


Strike Power: 80

Grapple Power: 80

Submission: 80

Strike Defense: 90

Grapple Defense: 90

Speed: 85

Agility: 85

Adrenaline: 90

Recovery: 85

Durability: 80

Charisma: 95

Tag Team: 95

Name: Jeff Hardy

Entrance Name: Jeff Hardy

Abbreviated Name: Jeff Hardy

Ring Announcer Name: Jeffrey Harry (The closest)

Commentary Name: The Natural

Hometown: Cameron, North Carolina

Weight Class: Heavyweight

Crowd Reaction: Cheer

Show: Raw/Smackdown (Your choice)

You're done!
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