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Damien Sandow
CAW by GreenZone

Date added: 4th July 2012
Head:Hair:20/71 color x:86 y:0 shade:-100 Hair scale:100
shape:Head:default Forehead:default Eyes:Type 1 color:brown
Eyelashes 1 Eyebrows 1 Mouth:Lips1
Skin:Age:29 Shape:Everything:Default
Facial Hair:Mustache:1/13 color: x:90 y:0 shade:-88 transparency:100 Combinations:2/27 color: x:90 y:0 shade:-88
transparency:100 Combinations:18/27 color: x:90 y:0 shade:-88 transparency:100 Sideburns:8/17 color: x:90 y:0 shade:-88
Body Type:0 Shape:All Default Size:4/9
Trunks/Underwear:4 color: x:-92 y:-23 shade:100
Knee Pads:7/16 color: x:-60 y:48 shade:0 Transparency:100
Elbows:2/10 color: x:-100 y:-100 transparency:100
Arms/Wrists:1/21 color: x:-13 y:-100 shade:100 transparency:100 Lenght:10
Boots/Shoes:7/37(biggest) color: x:-56 y:-100 shade:100
Entrance Attire
Jackets:24/26 color: x:-31 y:0 shade:0

Name:Damien Sandow
Entrance Name:Damien Sandow
Abbreviated Name:Damien Sandow
Ring Announcer Name: David E San Don(I Know Stupid Name)or your choice
Commentary Name:Your Choice
Weight Class:247 lbs
Crowd Reaction:Boo
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