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Chuck Liddell
CAW by Unknown

Date added: 14th July 2012
If left out leave default
texture and color 7/12
Age 56
Hair 4/82
Face eyebrows 3/33
Teeth 14/14 red
Facial hair goatee 13/24 color 13/77/30
Mustache 14/15 color 13/76/34
Tattoo pick 3 symbols for Japanese symbols back of head

Height 6'2
Size 3
tattoos left arm design 32/144
Lettering KEMBO under design
Hands both 7/32 color 1 black color 2 red
Socks 12/13
Bottom 6/48

Entrance add top 4/48
wwe logo 19/78 front
Wwe logo 51/78 back

Cinematic copy entrance

Crowd signs
Hear comes the pain page 11
Brock is a monster page 10
Default created logo page 14
Draft me wwe page 12
Pose 11/21
Hammer throw
Leverage pin
ring escape

All names Chuck Liddell
Ring announced name chuck Liam bell
Commentary the natural
Hometown Sacramento CA
Cheer raw
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