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Chris Benoit
CAW by GreenZone

Credits to MidgetmaniaRIP

Date added: 9th August 2012

HEAD: Hair:14/71 color: x:83 y:o shade:-22 Shape:Height:0 Width:0 Depth:0

FACE: Eyes:Types:1/9 1st: color: x:13 y:0 shade:-20
Eyelashes:4/15 color: x:85 y:o shade:0
Eyebrows:13/39 color: x:91 y:0 shade:24
Teeth:2/14 color: x:87 y:0 shade:0

SKIN: Texture & Color:6/12 color: x:88 y:o shade:-5

FACE SHAPE: Eyebrows: Y-Axis:-89 Thickness:15 Depth:20 Angle:35
Eyes: Size:15 Height:10 Width:-25 Y-Axis:-50 X-Axis:0 Depth:20 Angle:-35

Nose: Size:19 Height:-55 Width:-40 Lenght:0 Nostril H.:-10 Nostril W.:15 Depth:-30 Angle:49

Cheeks: Size:-62 Y-Axis:0 X-Axis:38 Depth:45

Mouth: Height:80 Thickness:-67 Width:0 Depth:0 Upper Lip:0 Lower Lip:0 Angle:-55

Jaw: Height:-33 Width:48 Depth:22 Outline:21 UpperLine:0 Thickness:100

Ears: Size:0 Angle 1:0 Angle 2:0 Shape:0

FACIAL HAIR: Sideburns:9/17 color: x:89 y:-8 shade:19 transparency:50

Goatee:9/14 color: x:85 y:-18 shade:0 transparency:26

Mustache:12/13 color: x:84 y:o shade:0 transparency:22

Goatee:11/14 color: x:85 y:-7 shade:-22 transparency:14

Sideburns:3/17 color: x:87 y:0 shade:1 transparency:39

FACE PAINT:67/89 color: x:89 y:40 shade:44 transparency:44

MAKE-UP:28/29 color: x:89 y:-27 shade:-7 transparency:28

BODY:: Height: 6'1"
Body Type:
Body Type:0
Neck: Height:-26 Width:36 Depth:31

Chest: Height:-24 Width:-6 Depth:23

Shoulders: Height:-10 Width:15 Depth:0

Abdomen: Height:-5 Width:18 Depth:17

Waist: Width:9 Depth:0

Arms: Lengths:100 Width:1 Depth:15

Hands: Length:0 Width:0 Depth:0

Legs: Length:-100 Width:-10 Depth:10

Feet: Length:-25 Width:0 Depth:0


TRUNKS & UNDERWEARS:1/9 color: x:-17 y:1 shade:29

WRESTLING TIGHTS:1/17 color: x:-13 y:-23 shade:-23 transparency:100 Length:100

ARMS/WRISTS:15/21 color: x:-100 y:-100 shade:-59 transparency:100

BOOTS & SHOES:1/37 Medium color: x:-100 y:-100 shade:-11

TIGHTS DESIGNS:116/159 color:black

TIGHTS DESIGNS:106/159 color:black

TIGHTS DESIGNS:100/159 color:black

TIGHTS DESIGNS:98/159 color:black

NAME:Chris Benoit

Entrance Name:Chris Benoit

Abbreviated Name:Chris Benoit


Commentary Name:Your Choice

HomeTown:Toronto,Canada or Montreal,Quebec,Canada

Weight Class: 224 lbs


Crowd Reaction:Cheer
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