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ECW 2006
Arena by klm990

Date added: 22nd November 2012

all group 0,255,24 (arena logos 23 0,0,230 center)


color:0,255,205 (arena logos 23 0,0 230 center)


all group:o,255,255

turnbuckle pad

all color 0,255,40
wwe designs:65 default (center turnbuckle pad )

floor mat 0,255,35

Normal barricade:0,255,30 (arena logos 23,0,255,255)

announcer table (lower)0,255,30
upper 0,255,30 wwe logo (center table)

eletronic billboard pattern 13:0,255,0
arena logos 23:0 255,255 (big center)

match-up nameplate:5/10
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