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WWE '12 CAWs

  Name ↓ Creator Attire Added ↓ DL Only Vid
Scott Hall BME 4 Different 17th Dec 11
Kane Lacertile/VinsenMDV RAW Return 12.12.11 17th Dec 11
Mortis mortis92 17th Dec 11
Kane GLASS1020 12/12/11 Return (Masked) 17th Dec 11
Raven saladfingers1999 TNA 17th Dec 11
Razor Ramon saladfingers1999 WWF Green 17th Dec 11
Harley Quinn Lyndsey Mckinlay Arkham City 17th Dec 11
Danny Basham D-G WWE 17th Dec 11
Doug Basham D-G WWE 17th Dec 11
Brutus Beefcake GLASS1020 4 (WMVI WMIX Tiger & Pink) 17th Dec 11
Tim Tebow GLASS1020 4 Broncos Uniforms 17th Dec 11
Tyson rugbyleague3wii Heel 17th Dec 11
Rob Zombie Phillip Fanning Red Devil Shirt 17th Dec 11
Austin Aries Simon1326 2 Different 17th Dec 11
Eddie Guerrero LatinoHeat1 3 Different 11th Dec 11
Harley Quinn Lyndsey Mckinlay Arkham Asylum 11th Dec 11
Goldberg saladfingers1999 WWF 10th Dec 11
Heihachi Mishima Spamming Nooblet Black Gi 10th Dec 11
Scorpion Spamming Nooblet Mortal Kombat 3 10th Dec 11
Chris Jericho Section115 4 Different 10th Dec 11
Hulk Hogan BrunoBarros Red & Yellow 10th Dec 11
Superman The Smoking Ace aka mighty1 Kingdom Come + 3 Different 10th Dec 11
Green Lantern ArkhamInmate801 10th Dec 11
Poison Ivy ArkhamInmate801 10th Dec 11
Superman ArkhamInmate801 10th Dec 11
Wonder Woman ArkhamInmate801 10th Dec 11
Winter BritishThunder TNA No Surrender 2011 10th Dec 11
Shawn Michaels Nic Virtue 2002-2003 10th Dec 11
Shawn Michaels BizzarroNavarro DX Army Summerslam 05 DX 06 10th Dec 11
Jeff Hardy wwefan12ify White Red & Black 10th Dec 11
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