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WWE '12 CAWs

  Name ↓ Creator Attire Added ↓ DL Only Vid
X-Pac WARxSEPS 2 DX Red & Black & Street 24th Dec 11
Sting Vessel Maker 4 TNA 24th Dec 11
Mike Awesome MovieMonster ECW & FMW 24th Dec 11
Rhino MovieMonster ECW 24th Dec 11
Chris Jericho MovieMonster ECW & Lionheart 24th Dec 11
Shawn Michaels Nic Virtue Early 90's 24th Dec 11
Chucky XII ENVY ME IIX Classic 24th Dec 11
Homer Simpson XII ENVY ME IIX Classic Attire 24th Dec 11
Monty Brown Nick-Breaker 4x TNA/ECW 24th Dec 11
John Laurinaitis GLASS1020 4 - 2 Suits & Dynamic Dudes 24th Dec 11
Prince Devitt Ruaidri 24th Dec 11
Velvet Sky CObra57 TNA 24th Dec 11
Triple H BizzarroNavarro 4 Different 24th Dec 11
Austin Aries Section115 4 Different 17th Dec 11
Nightwing ArkhamInmate801 4 Different 17th Dec 11
Superwoman ArkhamInmate801 Alt Earth Wonder Woman 17th Dec 11
Owlman ArkhamInmate801 Alt Earth Batman (Earth-3) 17th Dec 11
Catwoman ArkhamInmate801 17th Dec 11
JaeMar JaeMarKarDashn The One & Only 17th Dec 11
Sabu Petchy. SvR 2008 17th Dec 11
Skip Sheffield Shando Nexus 17th Dec 11
Curt Hawkins BALLARD32 17th Dec 11
Chris Jericho KFCAWS SvR 2010 17th Dec 11
Val Venis Shawn Stylz 17th Dec 11
Jeff Hardy CObra57 TNA 17th Dec 11
Brother Love KingOfMadProps Ring/Entrance/Cinamatic 17th Dec 11
Jinder Mahal rugbyleague3wii WWE 17th Dec 11
Jill Valentine Lyndsey Mckinlay Resident Evil 17th Dec 11
Poison Ivy Lyndsey Mckinlay Arkham Asylum 17th Dec 11
Jessica Murphy KDA<91> 4 Different 17th Dec 11
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