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WWE '12 CAWs

  Name ↓ Creator Attire Added ↓ DL Only Vid
Ms. Marvel pressy24 Lightning/ClassicR&B/Warbird 22nd Jan 12
The Undertaker The D ABA 4 Slots 22nd Jan 12
Shane Douglas deathbyego WCW & Beyond Attires 22nd Jan 12
Shane Douglas deathbyego ECW 22nd Jan 12
Heather Mason ERICH-037 Basic Heart Cheryl Alessa 22nd Jan 12
Shelton Benjamin diante616 Gold Standard 22nd Jan 12
Randy Savage Frothy Da 4EKO Legends Figure Series 5 22nd Jan 12
Balls Mahoney MovieMonster ECW 22nd Jan 12
Rob Van Dam Shaneiskingg 22nd Jan 12
Chris Jericho AHart96 2012 Return 22nd Jan 12
Jeff Hardy mattgarcia2010 Impact Wrestling 22nd Jan 12
Rob Van Dam TheGrimeskeeper Red 22nd Jan 12
Tommy Dreamer XxRubnxXCaws ONS 05 22nd Jan 12
Kane Ozfan 2011 Mask 14th Jan 12
Shawn Michaels MR.alessio cappai 14th Jan 12
Scotty 2 Hotty sam & mam 4 Different 14th Jan 12
Rikishi sam & mam 4 Different 14th Jan 12
Kane trick'pa 14th Jan 12
Bret Hart Austinite_JC WM 26 - 2010 - 2011 14th Jan 12
Chris Benoit RussJericho23 2001-02 Wolverine 14th Jan 12
Super Dragon Dr. Lecter 14th Jan 12
Cammy TheSilvaBros Street Fighter IV 14th Jan 12
Brodus Clay Actolorise 2 Skin Colour 14th Jan 12
Captain America Darksider Without Paint Tool & Horn 14th Jan 12
The Ultimate Warrior schlimo Summerslam 92 14th Jan 12
Goldberg .RaieE.ライ. WCW/WWE/JAPAN 9th Jan 12
The Rock prayag Return 2011 9th Jan 12
Ric Flair .RaieE.ライ. TNA/WWE/WCW/WWF 9th Jan 12
Jax Bullets MK3 & MK2 9th Jan 12
Hornswoggle JohnCenaMitko Smackdown 2011 9th Jan 12
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