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WWE '12 Cafs

Name ↓ Creator Added ↓ Vid
Top Rope Bossman Slam zorila 123 25th Jul 12
Diamond Cutter (on Eddie) zorila 123 19th Jul 12
Wolfman Driver chestwolf16 19th Jul 12
630 Senton HighFlyingMovesinWWEGAMES 19th Jul 12
X2 (Double) Shooting Star Press HighFlyingMovesinWWEGAMES 19th Jul 12
Burning Hammer MR. AMAZING 19th Jul 12
Bloodline Jaylon "Thunder" Peachers 19th Jul 12
Impact Driver Linnaeus "Dynamite" Peachers 19th Jul 12
Out Of Nowhere Spear Cody 19th Jul 12
Super Big Boot Cody 19th Jul 12
Shooting Star Spear nafilsoofi 14th Jul 12
Kodiac Cody 14th Jul 12
Yosef ryback 14th Jul 12
Last Call Super Kick zomat 14th Jul 12
Chokebottom lester 7th Jul 12
Bomb woo woo woo u no it 5th Jul 12
Top Rope Batista Bomb zorila 123 5th Jul 12
Jericho Bomb ANONYMOUS 4th Jul 12
Mandible Claw To Double Arm DDT zorila 123 4th Jul 12
Super Attitude Adjustment John Cena The Champ Is Here 4th Jul 12
Stratuscanrana (Style Of Trish Stratus) awesome369 4th Jul 12
Dragonsteiner (Ultimo Dragon) The Domin8r 4th Jul 12
Dominator (Bobby Lashley) BrunoBarros 4th Jul 12
Pumphandle Slam (Test) Beenbo1015 2nd Jul 12
Diving Frog Splash Crossbody Beenbo1015 2nd Jul 12
Twist Of Fate (Matt Hardy) RKO ME 123 2nd Jul 12
Goldberg Swing Neckbreaker (Snap) BrunoBarros 2nd Jul 12
Eye Of The Hurricane The Domin8r 2nd Jul 12
Rack Bomb silver2soul 2nd Jul 12
Extreme Swanton Bomb BrunoBarros 2nd Jul 12
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