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WWE '12 Cafs

Name ↓ Creator Added ↓ Vid
Top Rope Pale Justice SHAMEFUL THING 19th Aug 12
Rear Backbreaker Into Neckbreaker the miz 19th Aug 12
Facebuster FACE 15th Aug 12
Clawhold STO (Lord Tensai) Kevin Crow 14th Aug 12
Tiger Driver anthony34 10th Aug 12
Judgement The Game 9th Aug 12
Matis Alexandr 9th Aug 12
Skull Crushing Er Tete der Pto 9th Aug 12
Poisoned Weapon idankingo 9th Aug 12
Bloodline malkin_killer71 9th Aug 12
Welcome To Reality V1 & V2 malkin_killer71 9th Aug 12
Breakdown cm punk fan 9th Aug 12
Hurrichokeslam - Hurricane Helms BrunoBarros 3rd Aug 12
Springboard Codebreaker Cody 3rd Aug 12
Evenflow DDT (Raven) toachyy 28th Jul 12
Arabian Skullcrusher zorila 123 28th Jul 12
Mick Foley Piledriver zorila123 28th Jul 12
Hulk Up zorila 123 28th Jul 12
Goddess Driver Ace Tacoma 25th Jul 12
Edgecution RKO ME 123 25th Jul 12
Faith Breaker RKO ME 123 25th Jul 12
Ryback Finisher RKO ME 123 25th Jul 12
Super Batista Bomb (Dave Batista) Cody 25th Jul 12
Super RKO (Randy Orton) Cody 25th Jul 12
Gory Facebuster goldislead 25th Jul 12
Codazo De Machoman CM Punk oron883 25th Jul 12
Breakdown devon of nwo 25th Jul 12
Reverse Twist Of Fate (Hardy) Cody 25th Jul 12
Top Rope 619 justinbieber101 25th Jul 12
Dragon Wings Slam justinbieber101 25th Jul 12
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