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Zack Ryder

Date added: 25th August 2012
Reverse DDT 1
Leg Drop Bulldog 2
Zack attack
Rough Ryder
Double Underhook Powerbomb
Inverted Rough Ryder
Broski Boot
Hangman's Neckbreaker
Sitout Spinebuster
Missle Dropkick
Flapjack 1
Broski Boot 1 (Face Wash)
Broski Boot 2 (Drive - By Kick 1)-Perform near the corner and it will look like real Broski Boot
Broski Boot 3 (Snapmare & Big Boot)
Leg Drop Bulldog 1
Leg Drop Bullgog 2

-Diving Leg Lariat 2
-Zack Attack
Leg lariat (either diving vs standing opponent or the one at the corner)
Leg drop bulldog 2
Rough Ryder
Rough Ryder CAF
Rough Ryder 2 (Diving Leg Lariat 2)
Rough Ryder 3 (Diving Leg Lariat 3)

Create A Finisher:
1.Rana Clutch 01 122%
2.Go Round 122%
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