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Ultimo Dragon

Date added: 25th July 2012
Argentine Backbreaker (Alt. Shoulder Backbreaker)
Sitout Powerbomb (Alt. Batista Bomb)
Tombstone Piledriver 1
Dragon Sleeper
German Suplex 4
Frankensteiner 1 (Alt. Hurricanrana 2)
Single Leg Bodton Crab
Fisherman Suplex 3
Last Call (Alt. Sunset Flip Powerbomb 1 or Flip Piledriver)
Go Round
Diving Moonsault 1
Diving Crossbody 1
Standing Moonsault 2
Super Hurricanrana
Brainbuster (DDT 8)
Moonsault Attack 2
The 619 Senton

Asai DDT CAF (Alt. Shiranui)
Cancun Tornado CAF (Alt. Starship Pain 2)
Dragonsteiner CAF (Alt. Super Hurricanrana)
Dragon Suplex CAF
Sitout Powerbomb
Dragon Sleeper

CAF Formulas:

Asai DDT
1.Stunner Clutch 02
2.Asai DDT Finish

Cancun Tornado
1.Taunt 20
2.Take Off 40
3.Dive 58
4.Descent 50
5.Finish 15

Dragon Suplex
1.Tiger Spin
2.Dragon Suplex

1.Running On The Second Rope
2.Mysterio Rana Clutch
3.Mysterio Rana
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