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Rey Mysterio

Date added: 7th November 2012
Diving Headbutt 5
Buzzsaw Kick (he uses it often)
Corner Flip Arm drag
Arm Drag 2
-Armbar 2
-Arm Drag 3
-Bulldog 5 (alt. Bulldog 4)
-DDT 13
-Diving Cross Body 1
-Diving Hurricanrana
-Diving Moonsault 2 (alt. Diving Moonsault 1)
-Diving Seated Senton
-Dragon Sleeper
-Jumping DDT
-Jumping Kick
-Lou Thesz Press 1 (alt. Lou Thesz Press 2)
-Misille Dropkick
-Running Cross Body
-Standing Moonsault 1 (alt. Standing Moonsault 2)

The 619 Senton
The 619 Pin
Hurricana 2
Hurricana 3
-The 619 Body Splash
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