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Date added: 7th November 2012
Diving Clotheline 1
Super Chokeslam
Flying Clothesline 1
Scoopslam & Dropkick
Body Slam & Dropkick
Sidewalk Slam
-Side Slam 2
-Powerbomb 3 (Masked Kane)
Running Spear & DDT
-Backbreaker 3
-Big Boot 3
-Military Press Drop
-Front Powerslam (Oklahoma Slam 1)
-Scoop Powerslam 1 (Scoop Powerslam)
-Scoop Powerslam 2 (Powerslam 1)
-Sidewalk Slam 2
-Running Dropkick preceded by a Scoop Slam (Scoop Slam & Dropkick)
-Throat Thrust 4

Chokeslam 1
Tombstone Piledriver 1/3
OneHanded Spinebuster 1
-Chokeslam 4
- Powerbomb 3 (Masked Kane)
-Super Chokeslam
Chokeslam From Hell
-Big Red Monster Slam (Chokeslam 1 or 4)
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