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Hulk Hogan

Date added: 7th November 2012
Texas Jab or Combination
Scoop Slam and drop kick
Atomic Drop or Super Atomic Drop
Texas Jab or Combination 2
Clothesline 5
Belly To Belly 1
Foot Choke 1
-Big Boot 3 or 4
-Body Slam (Northern Lights Bomb)
-Triple Punches&Wind-Up Punch (Combination 2)

Scoop slam and drop kick
Big boot 3
Dancing leg drop or leg drop 4 (worst options: boom drop or headstand leg drop)
Boom Drop
-Axe Bomber
-Hulk Hogan Leg Drop (Boom Drop)
-Axe Bomber 1 (Clothesline 5)
-Axe Bomber 2 (Clothesline From Hell)
-Axe Bomber 3 (CAW)

Hulking Up (CAF)
-Measured Strike To The Head (95%) 3x
-Front to Front 1 (83%)
-Super Kick (81%)

Axe Bomber 3 CAF:
1.Front To Front 1 (%100)
2.Clothesline 2 (%100)
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