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Damien Sandow

Date added: 25th September 2012
Russian Leg Sweep 2
Knee Drop 5
Idolizer (Snap Swinging Neckbreaker)
Idol Lock (Figure Four Leglock)
Curb Stomp (Surfboard Stretch)
Cubito Aequet 1 (Appealing Elbow Drop)
Cubito Aequet 2 (Elbow Drop 8)

The Illumination 1 (Cross-Arm Neckbreaker)
The Illumination 2 (Double Underhook Drop)
Diving Cubito Aequet CAF
cross arm neckbreaker
double underhook drop

CAF Formula
Diving Cubito Aequet
1.Taunt 18
2.Take Off 3
3.Dive 21
4.Descent 17
5.Finish 19
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