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Bella Twins

Date added: 15th September 2012
Diving Cross Body 1
Cornerflip Armdrag
Jumping Snapmare
Womans Slap 2
Monkey flip
Snap swinging neckbreaker
Springboard arm drag

Note: Put the Jumping Snapmare and the Corner ArmDrag in their normal moveset.

Sitout Facebuster
Twin Magic
Facebuster 3

Twin Magic:
Front to Back: Speed 100
Choose any pin manuver Speed 100

Note: I highly recommend the Crufix or the SchoolBoy/Girl.

BellaBuster (CAW)
Twin Magic-Brie (CAW)
Twin Magic-Nikki (CAW)
Ring My Bella (CAW)

BellaBuster (CAW):
Woman's Slap 100%
Facebuster 100%

Twin Magic-Brie (CAW):
Knee thrust 100%
School Boy 100%

Twin Magic-Nikki (CAW):
Wrestling style back position 100%
Crucifix 100%

Ring My Bella (CAW):
Take Off 34
Dive 51
Descent 32
Finish 56
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