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Alberto Del Rio

Date added: 7th November 2012
- Signatures
-German Suplex 1
-Step Up Enzuigiri
Any German Suplex that have pin combination
Any Enzuigirl
Cross Arm Neckbreaker
ArmBar Stretch
German Suplex 4
Fireman's Carry Gutbuster
Step Up Enzuigiri
Step Up Enzuigiri 2 (Shining Wizard)
Step Up Enzuigiri 3 (Drive - By Kick
Mysterio Middle Kick
Super Arm Drag
-Double Knee Backbreaker (Back Stabber)
-Til-A-Whirl Backbreaker 1 or 2

- Finishers
-Armbar 3
-Armbar Stretch
Triangle Hold[Alt.Cross Arm Breaker]
Step Up Enziguri
Cross Armbreaker 1 (Armbar 3)
Cross Armbreaker 2 (Triangle Hold)
Cross Armbreaker 3 (Armbar Stretch)

- Royal Rumble -
-Quick Grapple
-Elbow Smash 6
-Push It
-Low Kick 4
-Toe Kick


-Sweet Chin Music 2
-Oklahoma Slam 2
-Player's Boot 3
-Sweet Chin Music 3

- Strike Attack
-Elbow Smash
-Powerful Punch

- Grapple
-Smash to Ladder 2
-Kicks it Down


- Cell
-Pushing Down
- German Suplex
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