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SD! vs RAW 2011 Finishers

Name ↓ Added ↓
Cherry 30th Sep 11
Natalya 19th Sep 11
Bobby Roode 19th Sep 11
Jillian Hall 9th Sep 11
ODB 9th Sep 11
Finishers Selection 9th Sep 11
Brooke Tessmacher 31st Aug 11
Velvet Sky 31st Aug 11
Angelina Love 31st Aug 11
Torrie Wilson 26th Aug 11
Mark Haskins 26th Aug 11
Mason Ryan 14th Aug 11
Maryse 24th Jul 11
Juventud Guerrera 24th Jul 11
Triple H 24th Jul 11
Suicide 6th Jul 11
Rosa Mendes 6th Jul 11
Alex Riley 6th Jul 11
Gangrel 18th Jun 11
Yoshi Tatsu 18th Jun 11
Tyson Kidd 1st Jun 11
Brian Kendrick 29th May 11
Doink the Clown 29th May 11
Michael McGillicutty 29th May 11
Winter 29th May 11
Sabu 29th May 11
Finishers Selection 13th May 11
Cody Rhodes 13th May 11
Angelina Love 8th May 11
Matt Hardy 8th May 11
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