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Update CAW Save (PAL)
Save by hardy2505

Date added: 2nd January 2010
Viewed: 22631 times
Rating: 5.9/10 (214 votes)

save by hardy 2505
-Legacy RTWM
-WHC War
Cawsy with moveset and entrance:
-Stone Cold
-Eddie Guerrero
-Hulk Hogan
-Rey Mysterio
-Bubba Ray Dudley
-D'von Dudley
-Drew McIntyre
-Tyson Kidd
-The Hurricane
-Rey Mysterio JR
-John Cena
-Hollywood Hulk Hogan
-Carlito & Primo
-Glammarella(Beth Phoenix & Santino Marella)
-Cryme Tyme(Shad&JTG)
-Bella Twins
-Orton family(Bob & Randy)
-Rhoeds family(Dusty&Cody&Goldust)
-DiBiase family(Ted Dibiase JR.&Ted DiBiase SR.)
-D-Generation X(Shawn Michaels&Triple H)
-JeriShow(Chris Jericho&The Big Show)
-Team Regal-Alliance(Regal&Kozlov&Jackson)
-Brother of Destruction(Kane&Undertaker)
-The Hardys(Matt&Jeff)
-MVP&Mark Henry
-The Miz&John Morrison
-Rated RKO(Edge&Orton)
-Evolution-alliance(Triple H&Batista&Orton)
-The Brian Kendrick&Ezeckiel Jackson
-Stone Cold&Triple H-alliance
-La Familia-alliance(Edge&Chavo&Eddie)
-Dudley Boyz(D'von&Bubba)

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