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PSP Update Save without Druid Monk Hack
Save by the hogan

Date added: 26th September 2010
Viewed: 15861 times
Rating: 6.6/10 (25 votes)

This IS MY (PSPORTABLE101v2) PERSONAL GAMESAVE, DON'T ABUSE! This Gamesave Includes Several Things :

1. My Personal CAW Red Scorpiion ,Ask Permission If U Want To Upload a Video Of Him Otherwise U Can Delete Him.
2. EKW Story "From Punk To Gold" & EKW Warzone DEBUT Epsisode!
3. ALL Non-Playable Characters Including Stone Cold & Hornswoggle!
4. Roster Updates Up To 03-25-10! Will Not Have No One On The WWE ECW Roster.
5. Created Finishers! Updated Entrances!
6. CAWS With 100 Overall, Zack Ryder, Kurt Angle, Sheamus, Mick Foley, Red Scorpion, G.0. Red, & My Bootleg Ric Flair CAW Lmao!

Save Download Link

PSP Format Save (.zip file)
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