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Zack Ryder

Date added: 9th September 2011
Viewed: 11430 times
Rating: 6.8/10 (46 votes)

Russian Leg Sweep (Old Signature)
Reverse DDT
Celtic Knot
Reverse DDT (Old One)
Russian Leg Sweep 3 (Old One)
Tiger Bomb
Swing Neckbreaker 1 or 2

Pull Back Big Boot
Tigerbomb 2
Zack Attack (use Playmaker or K2)
Diving Clothesline 2 (Old One)
Lifting Swinging DDT (looks like Reverse Lifting Swinging DDT)
Leg Lariat 1 or 2

Finishers : Playmaker - Reverse DDT 1
Sigs : Leg Drop Bulldog - Triangle Hold - Diving Clothesline 3

signature: 1.superstar press pin 1(he use that move against shelton benjamin)
2.leg drop bulldog
finisher: 1.fame kisser
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