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Yoshi Tatsu

Date added: 7th March 2010
Viewed: 7835 times
Rating: 8.6/10 (71 votes)

Finishers : Cloverleaf - Buzzsaw Kick/Super Kick/Martials Art Combo
Sigs : Diving Side Kick - Double Knee Strike

Signature Moves:
1: Double Knee Strikes (Running double knee strike to a cornered opponent, he showed this move already in the ECW)
2: Fisherman Suplex 3 (oder even Spin Fisherman Suplex 2)
Diving Side Kick
#. Flip Bottom
#. Diving Side Kick

Finishing Moves:
1: Buzzsaw Kick (Looks like his Kick in the ECW)
2: Cloverleaf
Chick Kick
Trouble in paradise 1
Buzzsaw rush
Spinning Roundhouse Kick
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