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Tyson Kidd

Date added: 28th December 2010
Viewed: 12335 times
Rating: 8.5/10 (59 votes)

Finishers : Blockbuster - Sharpshooter 1
Sigs : Spinning Roundhouse Kick 2 - Slingshot Leg Drop

Tyson Kidd:
Signature Moves:
2.Running Dropkick
1.Slingshot Elbow Drop
2.Spinning Roundhouse Kick 2* or 1
3.Neckbreaker 13 or 14
4.Trouble in Paradise
5.Green Bay Plunge 1 or 2 (Rolling Stampede)
6.Slingshot Leg Drop
7.Ankle Lock 1 or 2
8.French TKO
9.Chick Kick (maybe)
10.Wheel Kick

1.Diving Elbow Drop Pin
2.His new Finisher isn't in the game so I created this Finisher. I know it isn´t exactly his Finisher but it looks so a little bit!
1.Blockbuster (The Code Blue)
2.Sharpshooter(SS)(Struggle Submission)
3.Diving Elbow Drop(Slingshot Elbow)

1.Gut Kick 100%
2.Suplex Clutch 100%
3.Crashlanding Clutch 250%
4.Dreamer Driver Impact 100%

Sharpshooter 2
Green Bay Plunge 2 (Rolling Stampede)

Diving Elbow Drop Pin 2
Blockbuster (The Code Blue)

S: Diving Clothesline 2, Steam Roller
F: Blockbuster, Diving Elbow Drop 1
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