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Skip Sheffield

Date added: 29th May 2011
Viewed: 8952 times
Rating: 6.3/10 (40 votes)

Big Splash Pin
Powerslam 4
Clothesline From Hell 1 or 2
Big Splash
Suplex Pin
Silverback Attack = Suplex Slam
Neckbreaker 2
Stone Cold Stunner 2

Stone Cold Stunner 2
Belly to Belly 3
Gory Neckbreaker 2 (similar)
Suplex Pin (Tough Enough finisher)
Any Stunner move
Shoulder Boulder Houlder = Backpack Stunner
Clothesline From Hell *2* & *1* (In That Order)
Gory Neckbreaker

Oklahoma Clutch 02 (100%)
Downburst Drop (100%)
Downburst Impact (150%)
(Close to his NXT Finisher)

Another CAF:
samoan drop clutch 100%
face plant clutch 120%
swing shoulder cutter 150%
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