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Kofi Kingston

Date added: 26th July 2010
Viewed: 12337 times
Rating: 8.2/10 (63 votes)

Replace "Twin Leg Drop" with "Forward Roll Leg Sweep". This is his second finisher that was renamed "S.O.S".
Trouble In Paradise 1 or 3
Spinning Roundhouse Kick 2
Twin Leg Drop (You can do it before Trouble in Paradise because Kofi has got the Ability Fan Favourite and can do 2 Finishers if he use the Ability)
Forward Leg Sweep (used in recent weeks as a finisher)
Spinning Roundhouse Kick 1
Forward Roll Leg Sweep (S.O.S)

Replace "Forward Roll Leg Sweep" (S.O.S) with "Twin Leg Drop". He used that a lot as a signature before using "Trouble In Paradise".
Forward Roll Leg Sweep
Twin Leg Drop (Boom Drop)
Flying Forearm Smash 2
Spinning Roundhouse Kick 2 or 1/Forward Roll Leg Sweep
Diving Cross Body Pin 1
Hanging Overhead Kick
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