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John Morrison

Date added: 22nd January 2011
Viewed: 8709 times
Rating: 5.3/10 (51 votes)

John Morrison's finishers are various things...

1st Flying Chuck(Springboard Spinkick)
2nd Nitro Blaster(Super Kick or King Side Kick or Sweetchin Music 1 without pin)
3rd Moonlight Drive
4th Shooting Star Splash
Diving Moonsault Pin 1 (Starship Pain)
Standing Shooting Star Press

1st Starship Pain(Corkscrew Body pin or Without Pin)
2nd Moonlight Drive
3rd Running Knee Strike(Same Name moveset is not good because of stomping laying them. so i choose Hagakure)
Super Kick (Nitro Blast)

Recommendation Moveset
Sig. Moonlight Drive
Sweet chin Music 1 (Nitro Blaster)
Fin. Corcscrew Body without pin(starship pain)
Hagakure(Similar Running Knee Strike Very suprising Attack)
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