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Jack Swagger

Date added: 26th July 2010
Viewed: 6000 times
Rating: 7.6/10 (21 votes)

Finishers : Default
#1 Gutwrench Powerbomb
#2 R W and B Thunderbomb or
Powerbomb 7
Ankle Lock 1
2nd-Ankle Lock 2 (He used it in Smackdown now)

Sigs : Replace Powerslam with Headscissors Takedown 3
#1 Belly to Belly 7
#2 Powerslam 4
R W and B Thunder Bomb (he did this move in 2008)
Outer limits elbow
Headscissors Takedown

Change the second finisher ( he has neve done that move )
to Powerbomb 7.

He used this powerbomb on evan bourne
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