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Finishers Selection

Date added: 12th December 2009
Viewed: 16808 times
Rating: 9.0/10 (164 votes)

Alicia Fox
S: Full Nelson, Northern Lights Suplex 1
F: King Special, Corkscrew Axekick

S: Spear 5, Spinebuster 3
F: Batista Bomb 2, Batista Bomb 1

Beth Phoenix
S: Canadian Backbreaker, Fisherman Suplex 3
F: Glam Slam, Double Chicken Wing

Big Show
S: Camel Clutch 3, Spear 5
F: Right Hand Hook, Chokeslam 8

Brie Bella
S: Diving Crossbody 1, Jumping Snapmare
F: Sitout Facebuster, Extreme Makeover

S: Reverse Swing Neckbreaker, Diving Rolling Senton
F: Back stabber, Swing Neckbreaker 2

Caylen Croft
S: Neckbreaker 9, Diving Knee Drop
F: Reverse Atomic Drop 1, Diving Corkscrew Body

Charlie Haas
S: German Suplex Pin 2, Cloverleaf Backbreaker
F: T-Bone Suplex 4, Cloverleaf Pain

Chavo Guerrero
S: Suplex 3, Single Leg Crab
F: Gory Bomb 2, Frog Splash Pin 1

Chris Jericho
S: Step Up Enzuigiri, Lionsault 2
F: Walls of Jericho 2, Codebreaker 1

Chris Masters
S: Bear Hug, Powerslam 4
F: Full Nelson, Full Nelson Slam 1

S: Hanging Overhead Kick, Frog Splash Pin 2
F: Killswitch 1, Killswitch 2

CM Punk
S: Martial Arts Combination, Shining wizard Combo 2
F: Anaconda Vise 2, GTS 1

Cody Rhodes
S: Running Knee Drop, DDT 18
F: Cross Rhodes, Neckbreaker 1

David Hart Smith
S: Sharpshooter 2, Spinebuster 8
F: Powerslam 4, Scoop Powerslam

Dolph Ziggler
S: Knee Facebuster 1, 2 Small & Big Elbow
F: Reverse Neckbreaker, PayDirt

Drew McIntyre
S: Piledriver 1, Knee Drop 6
F: Double Arm DDT, Cool Shot

S: Edgecution, Edge O’Matic 1
F: Spear 7, Spear 1

Eric Escobar
S: Lift Swinging DDT, Backbreaker 4
F: Full Nelson Slam 1, Side Walk Slam 6

Evan Bourne
S: Frankensteiner 1, Frankesteiner 2,
F: Shooting Star Press Pin 3, Standing Moonsault 2

S: Headstand Leg Drop, Standing Moonsault 1
F: Diving Moonsault Pin 3, Handspring Splash

Ezekiel Jackson
S: Facebuster 6, Big Boot 2
F: One Handed Spinebuster, Back Drop Bottom 1

S: Celtic Knot, Finlay Press
F: Celtic Cross, Green Bay Plunge 1

Gail Kim
S: Christo, Diving Front Dropkick 1
F: Pull Back Big Boot, Croos-Arm Neckbreaker

The Great Khali
S: Brain Chop 1, Headbutt 2
F: Neck Hanging Chokeslam, Vise Grip 1

S: Throat Thrust 9, Reverse DDT 1
F: Shattered Dream, Suplex Lift Neckbreaker

The Hurricane
S: Knee Facecrusher 1, Double Underhook Drop
F: Neckbreaker 7, Shining Wizard 6

Jack Swagger
S: R W and B Thunder Bomb, Powerslam 4
F: Gut Wrench Powerbomb, Spin Out Powerbomb 1

Jillian Hall
S: Headstand leg drop, Full Nelson Facebuster
F: Facebuster 3, 450 Splash Pin

Jimmy Wang Yang
S: Enzuigiri 2, Hanging Overhead Kick
F: Moonsault Attack 2, Diving Corkscrew Body Pin

John Cena
S: Diving Leg Drop 2, 5 Knuckle Shuffle 2
F: Attitude adjustment 3, STF

John Morrison
S: Shooting Star Splash, Step Up Enzuigiri
F: Diving Corkscrew Body Pin, Moonlight Drive

S: Diving Leg Lariat 2, Neckbreaker 17
F: Flying Neckbreaker, Leg Drop Bulldog

S: Sidewalk Slam 4, Oklahoma Slam 1
F: Chokeslam 6, Super Chokeslam

Katie Lea Burchill
S: Reverse DDT 1, Swing Neckbreaker 2
F: Neckbreaker 13, One-handed Backbreaker

Kelly Kelly
S: Hurricanrana 5, Cornerflip Armdrag
F: K2, Diving Leg Drop 2

Kofi Kingtson
S: Forward Roll leg Sweep, Twin Leg Drop
F: Trouble In Paradise 1, Spinning Roundhouse Kick 1

Kung Fu Naki
S: Diving Brain Chop 2, Russian Leg Sweep 3
F: Crane Kick, Lucha DDT

S: Swing Neckbreaker 1, Figure 4 Neck Lock 2
F: Snapmare & Big Boot, Ravishing Neckbreaker

Luke Gallows
S: Hip Drop 1, Chokeslam 2
F: Flapjack 2, Gutbuster 5

S: Spear 5, Bulldog 6
F: Running Bulldog 1, Bulldog 2

Mark Henry
S: Big Splash Pin, Headbutt 5
F: World’s Strongest Slam 1, Bearhug 2

S: One Handed Backbreaker, Camel Clutch 2
F: French TKO, Snap DDT

Matt Hardy
S: Side Effect 1, Diving Elbow
F: Twist of Fate 1, Twist of fate 3

S: Facecrusher 2, California Dreams
F: Leg Drop Reverse DDT, Sunset Flip Powerbomb 2

Michelle McCool
S: Heel Hold, Cornerflip Armdrag
F: Big Boot 2, Fait breaker

Mickie James
S: Diving Seated Senton Pin, Hurracanrana 10
F: DDT 17, Long Kiss Goodnight

Mike Knox
S: Inverted Front Powerslam 2, Powerslam 4
F: Swinging Reverse STO, Big Boot 2

The Miz
S: Mizard of Oz, Reality Check 1
F: Full Nelson Bulldog, Facecrusher 5

Mr. McMahon
S: Finishing Leg Drop, Low Blow 1
F: Mr McMahon Stunner, Pedigree 2

S: Ballin’ Elbow, Player’s Boot
F: Playmaker, Drive-By Kick 1

S: Oklahoma Slam 2, Romero Special
F: Sharpshooter 2, Clothesline Fromm Hell 1

Nikki Bella
S: Jumping Snapmare, Mug Shot
F: Facecrusher 3, Bulldog 2

Paul Burchill
S: Super Atomic Drop, Oklahoma Slam 1
F: Flip Bottom, Neckbreaker 1

S: Back Stabber, Double Knee Strike
F: Diving Cross Body Pin 2, Diving Headbutt 5

S: Edgcution, Gourdbuster 3
F: Corkscrew Axekick, Sitout Suplex Slam

Randy Orton
S: Punt Kick, Backbreaker 14
F: RKO 1, Hunting RKO

Rey Mysterio
S: Bulldog 4, DDT 13
F: The 619 Senton, The 619 Body Press Pin

Rosa Mendes
S: Fisherman Suplex 3, Flapjack 2
F: Sidewalk Slam 4, Michinoku Driver Pin

Santino Marella
S: Chop Combination, Diving Headbutt 3
F: Neckbreaker 12, Neckbreaker 12

S: Appealing Elbow Drop, Side Slam 3
F: Thugnificient, One-Handed Spinebuster

Shawn Michaels
S: Diving Elbow 4, Inverted Figure-4 Leg Lock
F: Sweet Chin Music Pin 2, Super Kick

S: One Handed Backbreaker 1, One Handed Spinebuster 1
F: Crucifix Powerbomb, Bicycle Kick 2

Shelton Benjamin
S: Super Kick, T-Bone Suplex 4
F: Powerslam Pin 3, Pay Dirt

Slam Master J
S: Spin Fisherman Suplex 2, Appealing Elbow Drop
F: Modified Russian Legsweep, Diving leg Drop 4

Ted Dibiaise Jr.
S: Million Dollar Dream, Fist Drop 2
F: Cobra Clutch Leg Sweep, Dream Street

Tommy Dreamer
S: ECW Low Dropkick, DDT 5
F: Dreamer Driver, DDT 16

Trent Barretta
S: Knee Trembler, Super Atomic Drop
F: Jumping DDT, Lucha DDT

Triple H
S: Facebuster 8, Spinebuster 2
F: Pedigree 3, Pedigree 1

Tyler Reks
S: 2 Small & 1 Big Elbow, Flapjack 3
F: Diving Front Dropkick 1, Reverse Death Valley

Tyson Kidd
S: Diving Clothesline 2, Steam Roller
F: Blockbuster, Diving Elbow Drop 1

S: Chokeslam 7, Old School
F: Tombstone Piledriver Pin, Hells Gate

Vance Archer
S: Powerbomb 2, Swinging Jawbreaker
F: DDT 5, Reverse DDT 2

Vladimir Kozlov
S: Belly To Belly 6, Head Block
F: Reverse DDT 2, Chokelift Spinebuster

William Regal
S: Power to the Punch, Double Knee Attack
F: Knee Trembler 1, Regal Stretch

Yoshi Tatsu
S: Spinning Roundhouse Kick 1, Martial Arts Combination
F: Double Knee Striker, Spinning Roundhouse Kick 2

Zach Ryder
S: Leg Drop Bulldog, Living Leg Lariat 2
F: K2, Playmaker
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