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Sin Cara
Entrance by The Best Caw Maker

Date added: 5th June 2012
Viewed: 3927 times
Rating: 7.8/10 (4 votes)

( This might go a little wrong )

Advanced Creation

Motion: Superstar 22 ( Default )
Fireworks: Stage Big Show
Do these fireworks in the end of the Intro

Motion:Superstar 22
Lightning: Randy Orton

Motion: Superstar 18
Lightning:Randy Orton

Ring In:
Motion: Superstar 18
Fireworks: Stage Big show or Stage 23
Lightning: Randy Orton

Motion: Rey Mysterio
Lightning: Randy Orton

Music: Goldust/Rey Mysterio
If you have X-Box or PS3 download Sin Cara's theme song
Movie: Rey Mysterio
Champion Entrance:Superstar 18
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