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The Tornado
CAW by Gi-Joe_Fan!

Date added: 17th November 2009
Viewed: 16591 times
Rating: 5.2/10 (73 votes)

(the pic with jacket is the entrance attire and the cutscene attire, and the pic without the shirt is the ring attire)

Template- Face 8
Hair- Default

Height- 5'7

Tights- 4 Color (X=5 Y=100)Shade= -37,100,100
Tights Design- 36 (X=21 Y=0) Shade 19 (its may be in the green but the 360 made it be in the green, if it doesnt do that for u then just make it a redish color but hae still the same)
Boots- 1 Default

Tops- 1 color default Black
Top- WWE Logo- 27 Size (look at pic with jacket)
Jackets- 23 Color default Black
Jacket WWE Logo- 25 Coolor Default Size (see pic of back)

Glasses- 6 Color Default

Screen Pose- 1

Roster Application Form
Name- The Tornado
Nickname- Default
Nickname Placement- None
Abbrevaited Name- The Tornado
Announcer Name- The Tornado
Hometown- Charlotte, North Carolina
Weight Class- Light Heavyweight
Crowd Reaction- Cheer
Show- Ecw
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