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CAW by sheamus

Date added: 7th November 2009
Viewed: 31271 times
Rating: 2.8/10 (337 votes)

hair 68\-100,100,-7. head,0,0,0.forehead,0,0,0,0.eyes type 1.-25,39,15. eyelashes default eyebrows,6,-100,100,48.lips default.teeth default.marks/scars default AGE,default shape default.combinations,26,-100,100,8,100.sideburns,14,-100,100,25,100.mustache,default.goatee,13,-100,100,49,100. face paint 67,100,0,98,7.height 180-185.boby type default.shape default.size 6.arm accessories,-100,-100,-48,100.replace trunks & underwear,4,-35-100,85 pattern 50.knee pads,14,-100,-100,-86, & shoes 2,-100,-100,-62.edit entrace attire,accessories,14,67,0,0. swow ecw
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