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Rob Van Dam
CAW by MjGgGg

Date added: 17th November 2009
Viewed: 22951 times
Rating: 3.1/10 (181 votes)

Name Rob Van Dam,Nickname RVD,Anouncer Introduction,The Superstar,Height 6'0',Weight 237 LBS.,Born In Pittsburgh,Pennslvania(not Sure If He Was Born There)Crowd Reaction,Cheer Brand SmackDown. Starting Template,1 Hair,37 Color Black(Don't Go To Custom Color Just Go To Regular Black)Facial Hair Combinations,18 Color Combination,90 0 Shade,0 Transparency,28 Head Shaping(Not Much To Do)Nose Size,-13(Everything Else The Same) Cheeks,Size,-52(Everything Else The Same) Mouth,Angle,8(Everything Else The Same) Jaw,Height,-34.Outline,-25.Upper Line,-9. (No Body Work Except Height) Attire,Tops Wrestling Attire,1 Pattern,25 Color Combination,61 19 Shade,-11 Logos Your Choice.Armwear,Arms/Wrist Both Arms,3,Length 20 Color Combination,-100 -100 Shade,-100.Armwear,Elbows Right Arm,3 Color Combination,-100 -100 Shade,100.Left Arm,3 Color Combination,-100 -100 Shade,-100.Kneepads,14 Color Combination,-100 -100 Shade,100.Footwear,Boots/Shoes,1 Style, 2,Color Black(Don't Go To Custom Color Just Regular Black)
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