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Rey Mysterio
CAW by jojoboinks

Date added: 24th November 2009
Viewed: 25720 times
Rating: 6.2/10 (189 votes)

hair 3
goatee 9:default
168 cm or 5'6''
tattoos are your choice:)
mask:21:only 1st color put -56,15,-7
pants:your choice but color is -56,15,-7
shoes:18:default purple
pants logos:
wwe:64:largest h and v:default yellow
wwe:65:largest h and v:default yellow
tops:36:-56,15,-7 entrance only
tops logos:
wwe:63:only in front:largest h and v:-56,15,45
Name:Rey Mysterio
Nickame:Biggest little man
Prefix or none
HUD:Rey Mysterio
Announcer Introduction:whatever
San Diego,California
Good reaction
79 kg or 175 lbs

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