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Raisha Saeed
CAW by AllAboutCool

Date added: 12th December 2009
Viewed: 21204 times
Rating: 8.2/10 (139 votes)

Face 1 Template

Hair 1 Default Black (or whatever you choose since hair will be covered by hood anyway)
Makeup 1 Style 2
Makeup 2 Default Green
Makeup 4 Default Purple
Makeup 8 Default Black
Makeup 17 Default Black

((Body/Face Shapes Completely Up To You))

Height 5'8”

Tops 31 Default Black
Gloves 9 Style 2
Armwear Accessories 3 Default Black
Bottoms 12 Default Black
Belts 17 Default Black
Hats 26
Boots 1 Default Black

Vs. Screen Pose 9

Name: Raisha Saeed
Nickname: None
Nickname Placement: None
Abbreviated Name: Raisha Saeed
Audio Name: Your Choice
Hometown: Parts Unknown (Damascus, Syria is not one of the choices)
Crowd Reaction: Boo
Show: I chose WCW, but ultimately your choice
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