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Mr. Perfect
CAW by MjGgGg

Date added: 24th November 2009
Viewed: 14854 times
Rating: 2.6/10 (242 votes)

Name,Mr.Perfect Hair,56 style,3 or your choice Nickname,Mr.Amazing Announcer Introduction,Mr.Amazing Height 6'0' Weight 205 LBS. Hometown,your choice Show,Smackdown or your choice (Tattoos your choice) Head shaping,head size,Height,-8 Width,-11 Depth,-25 Shaping,Eyebrows,y-axis,-86 thickness,-89 depth,41 angle,10 Nose,size,0 nostril width,0 height,-8 width,0 length,10 nostril height,38 depth,0 angle,-25 cheeks,default Jaw,default Ears,default Eyes,size,0 height,-5 width,-7 y-axis,-8 x-axis,-11 depth,-5 angle,-10 Facial hair combinations 17 color combination,90 0 shade,0 transparency,32 Attire,Headwear,glasses,5 color regular black Hats,37,pattern,8 color regular green Tops,Shirt,37 (Not tucked in) pattern,2 color regular blue Arms/Wrists,Both arms,14 pattern,8 color regular green Arms/Wrists,21 pattern,8 color regular green Bottoms,23 style,1 pattern,8 color regular green Footwear,Boots/Shoes,37 color regular black (FINALLY DONE):)
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