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Mr. America
CAW by DX Forever Fan

Date added: 17th November 2009
Viewed: 20200 times
Rating: 3.0/10 (211 votes)

Any template that looks like Hulk hogans Head

Hair 43 Short And i did The yellow hair but if u want to he also had White Hair

Mustache 10 in yellow or white and then Combination 24(just to darken it up)

then Leave every thing als on default on head

height should be 6'4"

Size should be 8(to give some muscle and a pack)

again Leave every thing als on default but now on body

Headwear--->mask 15--->change the color to blue<--->patter American Flag

For A new Look I did the rest by my design
Upper Body----->Armwear----->Arms/Wrists----->#1 of any but my choice was shiny----->Pattern=American Flag

Lower Body----->Wrestling tights #1--->Pattern American Flag

Footwear---->Boots and Shoes=#2---->Pattern=American Flag

Crowd Signs=(only one gos with him)"N.W.O." "Real American American" "sign of the week" and "I heart symbol WWE symbol"

Name=Mr. America

Nickname=Hulk Hogan

Announcer Introduction=Hero

Home Town=Washington D.C.

Weight Class=(I do This For every Created Superstar)Super Heavyweight

Crowd reaction=Cheer

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