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Keiji Mutoh
CAW by Dre41

Date added: 24th October 2010
Viewed: 11872 times
Rating: 7.9/10 (67 votes)


skin texture:8
skin color:100,0,0,0

face shape
eyebrows: -100,100,0,0
eyes: 0,-79,-20,94,37,0,48
nose: 0,-46,0,0,-100,46,0,44
cheeks: all 0s
mouth: 22,-8,-9,0,0,0,-61
jaw: 41,25,28,26,0,0

height: 5'11 234lbs.
body shape
neck: -67,13,0
chest: -28,8,23
shoulders: -19,14,0
abs: 0,18,15
waist: 7,13
arms: 0,5,-4
hands: 0,0,0
legs: 0,0,0
feet: 0,0,0

body hair:5
arm hair:1

face paint:37:88,46,-41,17
arm accessories:8

facial hair

1st attire:
for his first attire as keiji mutoh you will want to make black tights, boots, and knee pads. you will use only wwe logos. design it any way you want.

2nd attire:
as kokushi muso you will need to be able to use paint tool
refer to the pics.

3rd attire:
the great muta refer to pics.
1st paintool make the chest logo. put it on his chest, back, and upper arms.
2nd paint tool: left side: thunder background with a light grey dragon in front it, the the words dark muta going down in dark grey with red trim.
right side: thunder background with dark grey japanese writting with red trim.
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