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CAW by h.beast

Date added: 24th October 2010
Viewed: 15462 times
Rating: 7.0/10 (62 votes)

Template face 1

Hair: 2/76

Head: -23, -37, 4
Forehead: -9, -93, -75, -69

Eye Type: 1/9, x:100, y:-100, s:-78
Eyelashes: 1/15, default
Eyebrows: 4/35, x:100, y:8, s:-14

Lips: 1/17, default
Teeth: default

Texture/Color: 11/12, x:96, y:0, s:1, s:33

Eyebrows: 8,-95,-49,-14
Eyes: -20,-58,3,-5,13,8,-3
Nose: -24,-65,-48,14,-31,65,-41,-64
Cheeks: 18,-100,13,-100
Mouth: 1,9,-65,-6,0,-14,1
Jaw: -50,0,-27,-31,-47,-100
Ears: 18,-73,100,-24

Goatee: 14/14, x:100, y:-100, s:-11, t:100

Height 5"8

Body Size: 2/11

Neck: -50,-11,-32
Chest: -53,-34,-29
Shoulders: -74,-24,-80
Abdomen: -24,-34,-31
Waist: 11,-10
Arms: -60,-24,-31
Hands: -33,2,-38
Legs: -45,-4,-2
Feet: 12,9,-55

Elbows: 1/10, 1st choice, x:100, y:-100, s:-11
Arms/Wrists: 14/21, x:100, y:-100, s:100, t:100

Body Tattoos: Logo: Arms: 103/140, Put around middle finger on right hand and than left hand, Color white for both.

Wrestling Attire: 4/14, default,
Trunks & Underwear: 1/19, x:25, y:31, s:28

Logo: Legs: 103/140, x:100, y:-100, s:-43, t:100 (fill the whole of the back of the right leg and do the same for the left leg)

Logo: Legs: 103/140, x:100, y:-100, s:-43, t:100 (put at front of each leg in the gap between previous logo, see picture for help)

Logo: Legs: 103/140, colour white, make three of these to fit around the top of the tights like a belt) Make sure you make them as long as possible and atleast three times press up

Logo: Legs: 103/140, colour white, place a long thing line next to the black logo you placed earlier for both legs, see picture for help

Logo: Legs: 140/140, x:100, y:-100, s:45, t:100 (Place like arrows as shown in the pics for both legs)

Boots: 44/44, 1st colour: black, 2nd colour: black
Logo: Legs (For boots): 105/140: Colour White, Expand to fit around each boot as shown in the picture

Tattoos: Logo: Arms: Left: 62/140, x:100, y:-100, s:-100, t:43
Letters: Right Arm: Choose letters from the alphabet, to spell out 'To React' going downwards.

Like this:


I chose Alphabet 7/10, x:100, y:-100, S:-100, T:43

Crowd Signs: Your choice

vs Screen Pose: 2/18 but up to you

Name: Kaval
Nickname: NXT Rookie
Nickname Placement: Prefix
Abb Name: Kaval
Audio Name: Mr Amazing (your choice)
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Weight Class: Light Heavyweight
Crowd: Cheer
Show: Raw
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