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Grandmaster Sexay
CAW by Garrow Glitch

Date added: 19th December 2009
Viewed: 27904 times
Rating: 8.0/10 (141 votes)

hair: 49. 100,33,-55

eyes: 1. default blue
eyebrows: 1. 100,0,-8
skin: 1. 99,4,1,-3

eyebrows: 0,-100,0,-16
eyes: 0,-47,-18,-23,-21,0,-22
nose: 0,-68,-12,0,0,0,0,0
cheeks: 65,-54,0,20
mouth: 41,-16,-15,0,-12,-21,20
jaw: -60,38,0,5,31,0
ears: -30,0,16,35

height: 5'10"
body type: 1


boots: 1. 100,-100,-21
gloves: 11. 100,-100,-40
glasses: 24. default color
bottoms: 11. last style. 100,-100,50
bottom logos: paint data tool. just make black squiggles to cover the legs.
left leg logo: 103. default red. scale to size in image.
left leg letters: spell out "SEXAY" as shown in pic. darkest black.
tops: 7. open style. 100,-100,62
top logos: paint data tool. use the squiggly lines again.
right & left arm logos: paint data tool. squiggly lines again. one on each arm.
back logo: paint data tool. red & black design that spells out "SEXAY"

"remove the jacket and its designs for the match attire"
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