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Devon Dudley
CAW by CAW Finisher Corp.

Date added: 30th November 2009
Viewed: 23512 times
Rating: 4.2/10 (180 votes)

Face 5

Facial Hair:Combinations:4/25:Color:Current Color

Head:Hair:2/76:Color:Current Color

Height:Height:2'1"(244 lbs)

112/140:Place At Middle:Yellow:Lettering:TEAM:Place Above
112/140:White:Lettering:3:Place At Left Side Of 112/140:
Enlarge Intil Big As 112/140:White:Lettering:D:Place To The Right Of 122/140:Enlarge Intill Big As 122/140:White:

Lower Body:Bottoms:12/41:Continue

Footwear:Boots&Shoes:Any Footwear:Color:Black:Continue

Other:Copy Entrance&Cinematic Attire As Ring Attire:Crowd Signs:Any 4 Signs:VS. Screen Pose:12/18

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