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Basher Malone
CAW by Spyder78

Date added: 12th December 2009
Viewed: 8855 times
Rating: 6.2/10 (33 votes)

Face Morphs:

Brows: -55/-5/5/-30
Eyes: -25/-20/-5/30/40/85/-10
Nose: -15/-80/95/-10/15/-50/5/-20
Cheeks: -5/60/15/-20
Mouth: 65/-35/-6/-75/-40/6/-20
Jaw: -30/15/-40/0/-20/20
Ears: -25/-20/-13/10

Height/Weight: 5"11"...231lbs

Body Size 9:

Neck: 0/-10/-10
Chest: N/A
Shoulders: -30/-10/-30
Abs: 0/15/0
Waist: 20/0
Arms: 0/-5/-15
Legs: N/A
Feet: N/A


Face skin:10
Eyes 8: 67/23/15
Brows 33: 85/20/-5
Hair 64: 100/30/-30
Underwear 17: 10/50/-25
Logo 45: 100/-100/100...Place on back of underwear
Repeat this step but shrink the logo to leave a white outline, the colors are 100/-100/-100 for the black circle.
Alphabet pg 1: Letters B&M 100/-100/100..Place centered on back of underwear in middle of logo.
Repeat this but make letters smaller to leave another outline, this time colors are 100/-100/-100.
Kneepads(both) 5: Default colors
Wristbands(both) 14: 100/-100/100
Arm accessories(both) 8: 100/-100/100
Logo 112: 5/75/20...Place on outside of wristband
Repeat for left arm
Logo 10: 100/-100/100..Place on front of underwear, hide most of it in crotch blur leaving the ends out as in pics.
Repeat butmake colors 100/-100/-100, shrink it enough to leave white outline as well
WWE logo 58: Default color,place centered on front of underwear above the blur.
WWE logo 62: Default colors,place on right kneepad as seen in pics
Repeat for left kneepad
Makeup 11: 100/0/0/50


Tops 27: 100/-100/-20
Logo 45: 100/-100/100..Place centered on back of top,make it large enough for letter to come thou
Repeat but leave white outline and make colors 5/75/20
Alphabet pg 1: letters B&M,colors are 100/-100/100..Place in middle of logos
Repeat this but change colors to 10/0/-10 while leaving white outline
WWE logo 58: Default colors,pace atop of the logo near the neck
Hats 5(2nd one with dent in hat)..Default colors

Basher Malone
The Cowboy
Louisville, Kentucky
Crowd reactions: Cheer
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