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Austin Aries
CAW by Busyguy14

Date added: 13th December 2009
Viewed: 16090 times
Rating: 7.2/10 (107 votes)

Head size Default
Hair: 6 Color:x100 y0 Shade -17
Skin: 6 (current color)
Eyebrows: Y axis -100, Thickness:100, Depth:83,Angle:63
Eyes:size 20,Height -30,width 50,Y axis 0, x axis 20, Depth -13 Angle 10
Nose: size -30,height 14,width 63,length 51,nostril h 41,nostril w 30,depth 46,angle -9
Cheeks: size 31,y axis -74,x axis -100,depth 64
Mouth: Height -30, thickness -20,width 10,depth -20,upper lip 42, lower lip -10,angle 54
Jaw:height 13, width -40,outline -2,upper line 10, thickness -30
Ears: default
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