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The 09 Patch
Save by Gabe Logan

Credits to: Thomas Pain thekingkaawash drcat123

Date added: 26th November 2008
Viewed: 16161 times
Rating: 6.4/10 (85 votes)

- new entrance themes for some wrestlers
- bg musics instead of themes
- caws (with entrances, movesets, themes, no stats)
*Ted DiBiase Jr
*Ezekiel Jackson
*Vladimir Kozlov
*Hurricane Helms
*Evan Bourne
*Jerry Lawler
*Jack Swagger
*Stone Cold Steve Austin (spec ref, with stats)
- moveset updates
- game overhaul
- entrance updates
- roster updates (heel/face turn, show modifiers, championship standings, ONLY active stables)
- 5/6 scenario completed
- other themes NOT deleted this time

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Max Drive PAL
Max Drive NTSC
X-Port PAL
Codebreaker NTSC
Sharkport: Download X-Port file and rename from the_09_patch8_ps2-???.xps to the_09_patch8_ps2-???.sps
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