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Quality CAWS Save Version 0.10 (NTSC)
Save by AntDaGamer

Date added: 29th January 2009
Viewed: 15159 times
Rating: 4.7/10 (38 votes)

Sunday Jan. 25th 7:03 PM - Save Is being wrapped up and about to be uploaded. Tomko will not have his logo on his attire do to blur issues and it was looking kind of messy.
I'm working on more CAWS I'm just gonna take my time and release them when I can Its hard to do things like this as often as I use too now that I'm older and have a family. They will be several more updates I"ll try to update the save at least every 2 weeks. So Stay Tuned.

*Known Issues*- I forgot to change Bernard's Finisher of the Driver to the Torture Rack Neckbreaker. Cause I use the Thunder Driver to replace the Bernard Driver. Just Change it so you want have a driver as your sig and finisher. Also you will have to replace the themes over again cause when I send the save all the themes get reset due to the info being on a different cpu. Set Them to Your liking. Next Update will be faster to download cause I'm gonna leave out some of the themes so keep theme nearby and handy. Especially the surprise themes I added in the download they will definitely be out but the CAW's Themes will stay in the next release.

*Save features everything unlocked except Zombie Finlay, Masked Man Video, & Evolution Movie & Vid. These Will be unlocked in the next edition.
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1. Giant Bernard(A-Train)
2. Travis Tomko

Bernard & Tomko

Bernard Driver
Bernard Bomb
Problem Solver
Torture Rack Neckbreaker

Soundtrack Also To Be Included - (Includes Custom Music for Bernard, Tomko, HHH, Regal, Brian Kendrick, & More)
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